Oregano Essential Oil

Hi friends! In keeping with my weekly oil posts this week I want to share with you about Oregano. I have only begun to tap into this powerful oil in the past couple of years. I have heard amazing reviews and testimonials of this amazing oil but like I have said in other posts I will only share here what I have used and personally know about oils. *I interrupt this post to say that I am not a doctor, I only share what I use and has worked for me and my family. Please do your research before using oils!* Back to the regularly scheduled post :-)!

The facts I know about Oregano essential oil are:

  • Can be used as a food additive.
  • Dietary supplement
  • May irritate delicate nasal membranes if inhaled directly, please use caution.
  • Can cause extreme skin irritation (dilution is highly recommended, especially if using on children)

Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant.

I have used this oil when my son, who has asthma, had walking pneumonia. I diluted it 1 drop oregano to 4 drops of organic olive oil and rubbed on the bottoms of his feet several times a day and shortened the length of his illness. We were visiting my parents when he got sick, thankfully I always bring my oils with me. The only thing that we noticed about using this oil is it makes you crave Italian food haha, my dad kept asking for my mom to make spaghetti!

I have also applied diluted 1 drop oregano to 2 drops of organic coconut oil to an infected sebaceous cyst and it eased up the infection and I didn’t need to take an antibiotic.

Like I said, I have only started to scratch the surface of this amazing oil and currently researching it’s benefits and just wanted to share with you what I personally have used it for.

Have you found any other uses for Oregano essential oil? I would love to know, if we all share our knowledge we help each other!

*Please make sure you are getting oils from a reputable, pure source. I buy exclusively from Young Living, they are the only oil company to provide a Seed to seal guarantee. Click the link to find out more about that guarantee.*

Forever Grateful,


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