Cleaning Schedule

Hi Friends! Spring is finally here, well it technically has been spring for a while now but it is finally feeling like spring. So spring cleaning is on my mind and I was asked about my cleaning schedule that I had mentioned in an earlier post so I thought I would share it with everybody. I always like to see how other people are getting the job done. Because at times the job can seem overwhelming if it isn’t broken into smaller pieces. So one day I sat down, with tea of course, and made a schedule going through each room and it has helped! I even made it printable for you if you would like to print it out and hang it somewhere! I put it in a plexi-glass frame and use a dry erase marker to check it off.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If this was useful for you let me know! If you have your own schedule, I would love for you to share it with me!

Forever Grateful,


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